Design and Fabrication of custom carts, shelves, access platforms, and more.

Our fabrication capabilities are endless. If it is to be built in our shop or on your site. If you have a need for it, we can build it. If you can dream it, we can engineer it and build it for you. If you can order it from a catalogue, chances are we can build it stronger and for less. We enjoy offering solutions that improve ergonomics, reduce your operation’s bottle necks, reduce hazardous conditions, or simply improve productivity.

  • We custom build our rack repair kits in many different styles.
  • We design and build custom picking carts for all types of order picking equipment with emphasis on safety and ergonomics.Custom to your industry and needs.
  • We design and build custom access stairs and platforms for process and maintenance needs.
  • We design and build custom workstations, packing stations, assembly carts
  • We design and build custom conveyor cross overs.
  • We design and build custom add-ons for warehouse racks for brooms / mops and supplies and for other needs such as label dispensers,
  • We design and build custom barriers for equipment and pedestrian protection