Repair all types of warehouse racks, structural or roll-formed.

Unfortunately, where warehouse racks and Powered Industrial Trucks (fork trucks), are in the same area, there will be damage. Some damage may be cosmetic, however most damage will weaken the integrity of the warehouse storage system reducing the ability to safely store the weight that it was designed to hold. Warehouse rack manufacturers recommend that damaged racks be repaired or replaced. We offer a repair column that will be more cost effective and stronger than most original columns and a quick replacement that is much less disruptive to your operation than replacing the entire upright.

We have a variety of repair options including round punched, teardrop, and keystone style and Tube. We usually do weld-on repairs but also offer bolt-on options. We have solutions for vertical columns, cant leg uprights, double columns most all types. We attempt to closely match existing racks in color to keep your rack system looking consistent.

Most of our column repairs do not require that the rack be emptied. Usually the product on each side of the effected column is moved only (provided the profile has no low beam levels). Seldom have we seen a damaged column that could not be repaired.

When braces or struts are replaced we us 11ga tubing instead of the roll formed bracing. Our weld on connector sleeves are 1/8” thick and the bolt-on sleeves are 1/4” thick.

  • Repair all types of racks
  • Fast service
  • Experienced installers
  • Quality Materials
  • Damage resistant repairs